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Export What? Where? & How

  • What is Exports?
    • Trading in goods and services between two countries and earning forex (Foreign Exchange), in a legal way.

  • Who can Export?
    • Any organization, small or medium manufacturers, distributors , after taking an Import – Export Code Number ( IEC No.) , who has spare capacity to manufacture more quantity.

  • What to Export ?
    • Anything under the Sun, i.e. water, air, agriculture product, oil, soaps, plastic, paper, pen, music cassettes, garments, chemicals, dyes, gold, soil, hair, fruits, juices, handicrafts, handlooms to name few and services etc.

  • Why to Export ?
    • To increase Sales & Profit.
      With globalization and increase in foreign goods it has become difficult for Indian industries to survive in competitive market. Hence Export is the must for the industries to survive.

      To make seasonal advantage of market.
      India being a country blessed with natural resources and competent personnel, we should take advantage of the situation by going for Exports.

      To earn Foreign Exchange.
      Export is the only medium by which our country can earn Forex which is the need of the day.

      To earn credibility & reputation.

      To take Govt. incentives offered to Exports.
      Exporters are entitled to various incentives under various schemes in our country. To avail of this incentives an indepth knowledge of the schemes available and formalities to be followed is necessary.

  • Where to Export ?
    • Bangladesh, Tangladesh, Dubai, Malayasia, Mauritius , Australia, U. S. A, U.K, Portugal, Panama, Indonesia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia and all over the world. One can select the market based on the products.

  • How to Export ?