CHA Course

Custom House Agents (CHA) Course

Customs clearance is business, and can upshot in inflated fines and delays if not executed correctly.

A custom house agent in India, also known as CHA is an individual authorized and licensed to act as an agent for any commercial transaction connected to import and export of goods at the customs. If you are in to an import-export trade in India, most of you employ a Customs House Agent to do required import and export procedures and procedures of customs. These Customs House Agents in India act on behalf of you with customs officials to go through essential export and import clearance processes and formalities. Their job is thus to uphold the details of items and then keep up-to-date accounts.

At ETTI-INDIA we know this very well and are here to assist in all aspects relating to the customs clearance of your goods, by giving students training on how to become Customs House Agents (CHA) in India.