Export Procedure & Documentation Course

Export Procedure & Documentation Course

Want to study Export Procedure & Documentation? Well, you have been searching for a short but essential course which can support you in comprehending the basic concepts of export procedure and documentation from any country of the world. Further, you can learn about customs clearance as well as documentation concerning to international logistics. That too in a well easy, step-by-step approach by top industry experts. In this export procedure and documentation course, we can make understanding of all significant export consignment, export transaction and bank letters of credit documents, easier for you.

Post-joining the course, you will be able to know how to set up an export company, export order – scrutinizing an export order and its execution, export sales contract, categories of exporter procedure for acquiring IEC and RCMC as well as various Export Promotion Organizations i.e. EPC, CB's. Moreover, you will learn exchange rate mechanism and payment terms.

Most importantly, this export procedure and documentation course will instil in you the confidence of having a comprehensive understanding of export’s formalities/procedures regardless of the country of exports or simply your country of origin, ie, India. Thus, you are at the ideal place and going through the description of the right course that you have been searching for to learn export procedure and documentation.

Why is this exports procedure and documentation course, significant?

It's not a hassle-free task to get the complete knowledge on export procedures and documentation in India by just reading books, and there are no books to deliver the advanced level knowledge in detail. The best solution is to join a reliable institute and enrol into certified course.

The ETTINTL’s export procedure and documentation course is actually one of its kind and is drafted in such a way that it helps to shape the career of aspirants. The course is based on years of industry and international trade training experience of the instructor, so you can be sure that you setting a stage to advance your career prospects.

Therefore, the if you want better insights on the intricacies of the trade and understand the exports procedure and documentation concepts, then it can be made possible only after you enrol into this course.

This course will also help you in preparation of proper documentation and abiding by the regulatory procedures to aid in accelerating your exports and avoid or alleviate conceivable penalties and sanctions.

What is the prime approach of the course?

  1. Conceptual understanding of the exports procedure and documentation as well as its related formalities.
  2. Step by Step approach
  3. Real-world examples and case studies discussion
  4. Concise notes by industry experts
  5. Understanding the flow of exports transaction framework in entirety

Thus, the approach of this course is to make the learning process as simple and easy as possible.

Who this course is for?

  • Entrepreneurs aspiring to expand their business overseas
  • Exports companies seeking to improve the knowledge of their employees in the realms of exports documentation
  • Individuals who desire to make a career in international trade
  • Exports managers wanting to learn the procedures and documentation to satisfy their global clientele.
  • Management students wanting to enhance their international trade knowledge to face interviews
  • Exports operations executives
  • Employees of exports organization’s commercial department