Export  Import Course in Mumbai
Courses in Study
Export Trade And Training Institute
This course is outlined for those in pursuit of better employment opportunit ies or independent Export-Import business.
Export Trade And Training Institute
India’s international trade continues to grow. International trade is forecast to almost double by the year 2010.
The Institute is equipped with well-stocked library having vast collection of subject related books. In addition Institute also subscribes to large number of journals and allied publications. You can make use of library during working hours on week days. This service is available free of charge.
The Timing are 10.30 a.m to 5.30 p.m on weekdays only.
Xerox facility at cost is available.  No books are allowed outside the library.
Please report office staff before leaving the library.
Switch of the fan / lights if they are not required.
Any damage to books /property will be charged.

List Of Books Recommended

1. Foreign Trade Policy ( Handbook of Procedure 2004-2009)
Export What Where & How
3. Exim Policy
4. Hand Book of Procedure Vol I
5. FTP -ITC (HS) Classification of Export-Import Items
Hand Book on Duty Entitlement Passbook Scheme (DEPB)
7. Indian Institute & insurance & Risk Management International Conference on
Exim Policy –Input-Output Norms-Duty Exemption Scheme Vol-2
Marketing Management
10. Revised Indian Industry & Trade Classification
11. Export Incentive Assistance & Facilities
New Incoterms, Export Costing & Pricing [2004]
13. Indian Trade Classification
Trade Payment Under Documentary Credit & Collections Commentary Cases-Legal Texts
15. Export Marketing Strategies for Success
16. Garment Export Entitlement Policy [1997-1999]
17. The Merchants Shipping Act 1958
18. Customs Law Manual 2000-2001
19. Customs Valuation Laws & Procedure

Export for everyone

21. Law on Transfer of Technology
22. Manual for 100% Export Units
23. Export do it Yourself
24. Law of Insurance
25. Indian Cotton Textile Industry
26. FTP – ITC (HS) classification ) 2004 Edition
27. Mr. Export What Where How
28. Select COMESA Countries-A study of India’s Trade & Invest – Potential
29. Sri Lanka-A study of India’s trade & Invest Potential
30. Israel & India – A study of trade & Potential
31. Vietnam Cambodia & -PDR: - A study of India’s Trade-Investment Potential
32. Business Law 2nd Addition
33. Business Law –Nabhi’s
34. Market Opportunities in Mauritius
35. Multinational Corporations & Exports
36. Legal Drafting For Layman-Nabhi’s
37. International Marketing
38. WTO in the Millennium
39. Foreign Exchange Manuel 1999

Principles Marketing

41. Export Marketing Strategies for Success
42. The World Market
43. Foreign Exchange Management Act with rates & Regulations under FEMA
44. Multimodal Transportation
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