Top 6 Ways To Promote Your Export Business On Social Media

Top 6 Ways To Promote Your Export Business On Social Media

In the last few years, social media channels have become an important aspect in the international trade as well. Among all the trending marketing mediums, social media marketing holds the top place and is suggested by even top export import training expert.

With the help of old marketing mediums in import export business, messages could be sent only to limited people and conversation was also just one way. On the other hand, on social channels, consumer and businesses can have a two-way interaction. The import export business can communicate with each other by answering online questions, working on strengthening bond as well as again posting the contents.

Creating a social media marketing plan can be little challenging in international trade realm. However, here are top 6 ways to help you effectively promote your export business on social media.

  1. Selecting The Perfect Platform
  2. There are several social media channels on which you can post your content by just a few clicks. The numbers are simply growing with each passing day. Sharing on the right platform is quite necessary for your marketing success.

    At the time of deciding which channels to share on, you must first know your import export business as well as target customers. It’s necessary that you make a business account on platforms that your potential customer base uses so that they can be in touch with you. Do proper analysis to determine the most used sites and with a well-built plan, conquer them as well.

    You should also research and understand which social mediums perfectly fit your requirements. For instance, to promote a video, YouTube is the best option.

  3. Making a Calendar
  4. Confirm what territory you seek to represent, maybe become a national export import agent in India or an International one. It all is based on what your objectives are, what capital you have and to a huge extent, how great your network is.Rushing to create content at the end moment can result to low-quality output which in turn results to repeated posts or a useless pause in your boosting presence. Writing content and creating content calendars can assist in avoiding these mistakes.

    To create a content calendar, you can use a regular calendar format for each social media page and plan out your posts much well in advance with having included hashtags, proper links, images, and other such creative stuff.

  5. Avoid Over-Promoting
  6. The most common trap the individuals fall into is posting or sharing on social channels too much like advertising medium. It’s quite sure that you would prefer to promote your business perfectly and not just for the name sake of promoting. You should pay attention on writing the content that your followers enjoy while reading.

    Promoting is fine but it should happen only once in a while. A perfect marketer follows the rule that is one advertisement in seven posts. This means that if you post one promotional post, then the next six must be informative content. In these rest posts, you can post some articles, comments or some updates or quiz. You always don’t have to keep promoting your brand but keep in mind not to be too hard for selling your product.

  7. Sharing Videos
  8. Visual content is said to work quite properly on social channels. Video content, mainly, is best for attracting people’s attention as well as communicating your business traits to your consumers.

    Visual content is something that people notice at the time of scrolling their social feeds. Study states people are more eager to watch it and then connect with it. It gives you a chance to express more as compared to that of an ordinary post and that too without occupying much room.

  9. Creating a Community
  10. Instead of trying to pulling towards you too many followers, pay attention on discovering customers who are actually interested, faithful as well as engaged in your export import business.

  11. Providing Value
  12. The most amazing thing you can do is give value to your customers on social media channels. Post content that works in the favor of your audience. For instance, sharing tips or secrets for posting text or videos, or to do something that make them curious to read the whole content.

    This feature is what attracts the customers towards your import export business page, makes them follow you and appraise you. Know, understand and master these import export management techniques and you will surely run a successful campaign.