Things To Know Before Hiring A Custom House Agent

Things To Know Before Hiring A Custom House Agent

A customs house agent or CHA is accountable to superintend business transactions concerning to the import and export of goods at the customs station. The custom house agents take care of the several stages of admission or departure of any consignment and keep itemized, systemized accounts of the many details connected to import and export trade. Thus, it is significant to know about precise things prior to hiring a customs house agent. It is vital to note that they are also the holder of legal licenses which have to be renewed on a regular basis.

ETTINTL, through its custom house agent (CHA) course has given professional customs officers to the industry who now look after the requirements and sail the client’s ship across continents guaranteeing on-time delivery.

The Pros of Hiring a Customs House Agent:

  1. Personal Clearance:
  2. There are some directives which are issued so as to keep the actions of the custom house agents in check. All the documents which are filed by the customs house agent ought to bear his name at the top and he ought to then not, in any which way, try to influence the activities of the customs officials. Moreover, he can only set his fees as set by the approved rates.

  3. Professional Advice
  4. The advice given by the custom house agent is respected and carefully followed both importers and exporters. The agent ought to make sure that the advice given by them is precise and in obedience with the regulations and lawful provisions as stated in the law. The client needs to be offered appropriate information when it comes to the filing of papers. If a client is not keen to comply with the legalities, this ought to be brought to the notice of the authorities by the custom house agent.

    The custom house agent is legally destined to serve its duties in a proper manner and with laudable efficiency. They are also accountable for keeping records and right accounts of all the papers filed and the procedures they have underwent. They help the clients get customs clearance in a speedy and well-organized manner.

Is It Compulsory To Hire A Customs House Agent?

If you are involved with the import and export management of goods internationally, you must be by now acquainted with the several functions of customs agent mentioned above. In simple words, they are responsible for dealing with the official procedures and procedures of customs needed for import or import. The custom house agent will deal with the officials on client’s behalf so that all the formalities are cleared effortlessly.

Owing to the significant nature of their factions, a general query that many people seem to possess is whether it is compulsory to hire a customs house agent (CHA). The answer to this is no, it is not mandatory to hire a CHA agent to go through the customs procedures.

Though, usually, numerous importers and exporters hire an individual who has mastered professional expertise through CHA course so as to deal with the major part of getting a clearance. This actually saves a lot of time and effort and aids them to emphasize on their trade and work operations. The custom house agents are believed to have right work connections and good experience with customs authorities and an enhanced understanding of the procedure.