Role Of CHA In International Trade

Role Of CHA In International Trade

Concept Of A Custom House

A custom house is known to be a government building which includes offices of administrators who supervise the functions related with the import and export of products/services as well as arrival and departure of conveyances, that comprises of levying taxes (popularly called as custom duties) on those transferences and scrutinizing them.

In the previous years, governments used to set these custom houses at seaports for assembling customs and making clearance vessels of all dues since trade by sea was a common practice back then. Today, custom houses are established mostly in airports since the transmission of goods and conveyances from point A to point B via airways has become common, owing to their speediness and efficiency.

A custom house operates as a checkpoint through which all the goods are bound by cautious scrutinization prior to their transfer. It upholds all records about the export and import management of goods and entry and departure of conveyances at a designated customs station. All these accounts are recurrently detailed, listed and updated. All the shipments need a proper clearance certificate from the custom house prior to their main distribution and sale.

Who Is A Custom House Agent?

Custom House Agent (CHA) function as a legal advisor, who puts forth the precise classifications of goods. Whensoever custom officers raise the query, that’s exactly when CHA comes in picture to resolve the same. In short, the A-to-Z customs clearance process is done by CHA.

Custom House Agent (CHA) course is the master’s program in the realm of International Trade. Individuals after the competition of CHA course would then have all the required knowledge of the matter. To put it in simple words, the entire customs clearance process becomes hassle-free with the help of custom house agent in trading. CHA isn’t allowed to charge more than the standard rates accepted by the commissioner though their charges are negotiable. That’s quite a benefit for all the exporters who take on board CHA for their export work. It is not compulsory to hire a CHA but it all is based upon the company or businessman.

In International Trade, hiring CHA does not mean that exporters can ill use them for their personal gain and CHA is also ought to stick to the boundaries of rules and regulations. CHA must give proper suggestions to the client and impart precise, appropriate information for the clearance of cargo or baggage.

The roles and responsibilities of a CHA are vital to the whole business in the sector of import and export trade. Establishing and maintaining a healthy relationship status with CHA can prove to be advantageous to the export entrepreneur. With the alteration in government policies concerning to the Export Import Trade, the scope of work for an individual who has passed out from custom house agent course program in India is widening.

Role Of The Custom House Agent

A custom house agent accomplishes the following functions:

Regulation-18 needs CHA to uphold up-to-date and comprehensive records of transactions associated with import and export, pursuing each phase of all the shipments.

They also perform as a customs broker, sorting out all the essential documentation in the best interests of importers and exporters concerning the service they need.

CHA endows with logistic support (warehouse management and distribution etc.) to the concerned clients, making sure there is a hassle-free transference of goods or conveyances.

They make proper bills of entry and shipping bills that are crucial for clearance of proper goods or conveyances.

CHA needs to examine the goods or conveyances physically prior to permitting them to leave or enter the country.

CHA acts as a counsellor to their clients. Regulation-14(d) entails CHA to deliver the clients with precise legal information and counsel them to abide by all the provisions mentioned in the Regulations as well as the Customs Act, 1962.

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